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FWCC EMES is the collective body for Quaker meetings in Europe and the Middle East. All individual members of yearly meetings and groups affiliated with EMES are members of FWCC. The European Section of FWCC was recognised in 1938, at the second World Consultative Committee meeting held in Vallekilde, Denmark. The name was changed to Europe & Middle East Section (EMES) in 1992.

EMES normally meets once a year for our Annual Meeting in late spring/early summer. Representatives at the Annual Meeting conduct the business of the Section and the Annual Meeting is the decision-making body of the Section.


All affiliated yearly meetings/groups appoint one or more FWCC Representatives. Their major task is to help communication between yearly meetings/groups, within their Section and in the world family of Friends. They must, on the one hand, articulate the views and concerns of their yearly meeting/group at international FWCC meetings, and, on the other hand, bring back issues raised in these meetings to their yearly meeting/group.

The officers of the Section are: Clerk, Treasurer and Executive Secretary. Together with four other members they form the Executive Committee.

Work in the Section

The Section has several committees and groups for specific purposes:

The Section is also represented in the Geneva Quaker House Foundation Board and Quaker Council for European Affairs.

EMES publishes a quarterly newsletter Among Friends.

EMES maintains close relations with Europe & Middle East Young Friends, the Quaker United Nations Office in Geneva, and the Quaker Council for European Affairs in Brussels.


Friends World Committee for Consultation is the world body for (almost) all Quaker meetings.

FWCC has an office in London.

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