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Ministry and Outreach Programme

The EMES Ministry and Outreach programme serves to nurture and support the spiritual lives of Friends, individually and corporately, as well as to strengthen outreach efforts across the Section. The programme has two main components. One is to develop on-line learning resources. The other is to develop travelling in the ministry and intervisitation among Friends. Both components serve to increase an awareness of Quaker understandings and practices and to provide various kinds of resources to help Quaker groups grow in the Spirit.

The Quaker in Europe on-line introductory course to Quakerism is gradually becoming available in as many as 16 European languages. The project is delivered in cooperation with Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre in Birmingham, England. One of the major goals of the programme is to enable Europeans to learn about and explore Quakerism in their own languages. Small groups work together on-line for 10 weeks, learning and reflecting while hopefully developing a sense of community.

Intervisitation and travelling in the ministry among Friends are Quaker traditions that EMES continues to develop in ways that are appropriate to Friends across the Section. The Visiting Friends programme helps identify and equip Friends to travel on behalf of EMES to Quaker Meetings that need support or nurture for various reasons. On-line resources are available to help prepare for visits and to support Visiting Friends. Various other kinds of intervisitation are encouraged, and it is hoped that Friends who travel to each other will inform EMES Executive Secretary and/or the Ministry & Outreach Coordinator of their travels. This helps us keep abreast of groups and isolated Friends who have been visited and who may need to be visited.

If you would like to know more, please contact us through the Contact Us page.

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