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Pre-Triennial study booklet: Being Faithful Witnesses: Serving God in a Changing World


4. Servant of God

Angella Beharie Jamaica YM

As servants of God we must build our faith on the ‘Light’ that never fails and keep in tune with God all the time. Abraham’s faith in God was such that he was prepared to do anything for God. He remained true to God, and God purified his faith (Gen. 22: 1-18).

‘For it is God who works in you both to will and to act according to his good purpose’ (Phil. 2: 13). Do I believe that God is the source of my will and that He is in me to do it? Then I must be in obedience to the Holy Spirit to achieve His perfect will and nothing less. If I am the vessel that God has chosen to work with, I must submit myself completely to God to be cleansed and purified. I will become the ‘world’ as the changes take effect in me. That is, my lifestyle will now be on display and has become the witness for all to see. Therefore my attitude should be the same as Christ Jesus. (Phil. 2: 6-11)

In 1990, while I was the Secretary to my Yearly Meeting, I was privileged to work with a team of representatives from Friends United Meeting (FUM) who came to encourage and strengthen Friends in our meetings (churches). We visited most of the meetings and met representatives from all meetings. Mary Glenn Hadley, then Associate Secretary of FUM, spoke at the Sunday morning worship service in Kingston. Her words were based on the story of Jesus and the miraculous catch of fish (John 21: 1-14). As our Lord commanded Peter and as he went in obedience, Peter was successful. God spoke to me that day. He said, ‘When you step out in faith I will open the windows of heaven and will pour my blessings on you.’

In 1991, while I was seeking God’s guidance to have a Vacation Bible School in my home meeting (Dover), Jamaica YM received an offer from Myra Brady (one of the team of FUM’s representatives) to do Bible school here under the sponsorship of North Carolina YM. July 1992 Vacation Bible School was held in four meetings. This ministry has increased so much that last year we nurtured over 2000 children in seven meetings. Bible School has become a household name in many communities, where children have benefited and anxiously wait the date of the next one so they reschedule their vacation outside their communities. Our Lord Jesus said to Peter, ‘If you love me, feed my lambs.’ We are trying to do just that. ‘Just as the Son of man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as ransom for many’ (Matt. 20: 28).

Prayer: ‘Dear Lord, I want to live for thee. Oh! keep me everyday, a faithful witness along life’s rugged way. Take my hand and lead me anywhere you need me. With thy Spirit feed me till I am safe at home’ (J. W. Gaines).


- In what ways does the call to witness come to you?

- How can we and our children share our religious life?

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