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Pre-Triennial study booklet: Being Faithful Witnesses: Serving God in a Changing World


2. Witness

Elizabeth Yano Bware Yearly Meeting

Jesus promised the disciples that they would receive power to witness after they received the Holy Spirit. That power involved courage, boldness, confidence, insight, ability and authority. The disciples needed all these gifts to fulfil their mission.

God has important work for us to do for Him. Most things prophesied by Jesus are taking place. We have political, social and economic changes which have resulted in various problems: corruption, the cost of speaking the truth, drought, famine, rebellion in politics, civic and national wars, divorce, abandoned homes, manslaughter, a high level of poverty, pollution through industrialization, cries of bloodshed, people seeking peace.

As followers of Christ we become witnesses by taking the word of Christ to preach peace. Peace comes from Him, then we pass it on. Our Quaker testimony is to seek peace, to follow after righteousness and the knowledge of God, seeking the good, which tends to peace for all.

The spirit in us should lead us to the attitude of the Samaritan, to care for strangers and the needy. True religion looks into human needs and the oneness of humanity.

Purified by the power of the Holy Spirit, we are compelled by the gospel to give our time, our money and our service. Many people have known nothing except the bitterness of death, poverty, ignorance and massive suffering. We need to live a life that shows God’s spirit in us. Faith and trust must have hands and feet. Pure and lasting religion in the sight of God is to care for orphans and their troubles, and refuse to be corrupted by the world.

The Book of Jonah (3: 1-10) gives us an account of the troubled city of Nineveh, when Jonah declared the word of God to them. The sudden recognition of God by the people of Nineveh and their leaders met with a gracious response from God. The psalmist in his prayer of confession realized that the precondition for being cleansed is a broken spirit and a contrite heart (Psalm 51: 17).


– How are you and I involved in witnessing with our time, money, material, service and words?

– Each one of us has to give an account before God how we have used our testimony, talent and service. Are you a peace-maker or a trouble-maker?

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