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Panel Presentation: Being Faithful Witnesses to our Friends Peace Testimony: Serving God in a Changing World


Introduction & Acknowledgments

The first three talks were presented by a panel of Friends, and are printed here in the order they were given. The topic on which the presenters were asked to speak was: “How do Friends witness to our peace testimony in a changing world?”

Bakamana Mouana spoke in French. The text provided here is a transcript of the interpretation given by Tim Brown of Britain Yearly Meeting.

Mkoko Boseka, one of the invited panel speakers, was delayed by visa problems. He gave his presentation in French separately on Friday 23 January.

The English text of the talks by Marian Hobbs, Bakamana Mouana and Lonnie Valentine was edited by Vicki Hain Poorman. Annis Bleeke edited the English text of Mkoko Boseka’s talk, based on the interpretation given by Ruth Lambert of Britain Yearly Meeting.

The editors wish to thank Peter Low of the Yearly Meeting of Aotearoa/New Zealand for the information given in the endnotes of Marian Hobbs’ talk.

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