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Pre-Triennial study booklet: Being Faithful Witnesses: Serving God in a Changing World


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Being faithful witnesses: serving God in a changing world is the theme of the 21st FWCC Triennial. It invites us to bring together the ways in which we follow a shared calling in our very different cultures, experiences and Quaker traditions.

This booklet is intended for the use of Friends who plan to attend the Triennial, for the groups of Friends whom they represent, and for Friends in meetings and churches everywhere. It contains fourteen reflections on aspects of the theme by Friends from a variety of Quaker cultures. Each statement comes from the authentic experience of a member of our world-wide family of Friends, each seeking to be faithful according to his or her own lights. FWCC triennials and world conferences provide precious opportunities for Friends from different cultures to meet face to face to worship together, listen to each other and share what it means to be a Friend. This booklet is a way to participate in that opportunity. As we learn about each other’s experience of God, our task is not to judge, but rather to be open to truth as seen from the perspective of our sisters and brothers. Perhaps it will broaden our sense of what it means to be a Friend.

These essays are offered for reading and reflection on your own or in a group. David Blamires, editor of Friends Quarterly and Clerk of Quaker World Relations Committee, Britain YM, has edited and arranged them for us. With the questions which follow them, we hope they will serve as a stimulus for personal and shared reflection. We suggest that you choose at least one essay which reflects a Quaker tradition different from your own. By participating in this study, Friends can have a share in the Triennial and help their representatives to prepare for the experience. Worship and sharing groups at the Triennial will be encouraged to spend some time working with the Triennial theme through the means of these essays and questions.

October 2002 International Planning Committee

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