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Quaker Voice in Estonia on UN International Day of Peace

“Have you ever thought that we would have more peace among us, if every person were valued? We should bear in mind that love is the heart of existence and the Creator values each human being.”

This was our short message, which was broadcast, along with others from different churches and groups interested in peace, on t.v. and radio (read by our own Tallinn Worship Group member, Mik Seljamaa-Nagaoka) in Estonia during the weeks before the UN International Day of Peace and on the day itself. This was all organized by Roland Rand, who is the head of Diverse Faiths Alliance (DFA) in Tallinn, after attending the workshop in Vienna led by Jalka on One Minute of Peace projects. You can view our t.v. clip with “Let there be Peace on Earth” sung in Estonian in the background. We were very grateful to have been a part of this effort.

“Kas oled sellele mõelnud, et ühiskonnas oleks rohkem rahu, kui iga inimene oleks väärtustatud? Sest armastus on eksistentsi süda ja igal inimesel on Looja silmis väärtus!”


PÄIVI RANDVER has written a comparative study of the three branches of Quakerism. Available on request.

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