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Help with translating Quaker texts

Translating Quaker concepts and ideas from English into other languages can be quite a challenge. Yet it is important people anywhere should be able to discover and explore what Friends have treasured for over 350 years.

K. Renato Lings of Denmark Yearly Meeting, a translator, interpreter, teacher, lecturer and writer based in Copenhagen, has written this helpful guide to translating Quaker texts from English into other languages.

In the Foreword to this work, Renato says: The original outline for this Guide saw the light of day at the second European consultation ‘Translating in a Quaker Context’ held at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre (UK) in August 2008. Since that time, the Guide has grown. Two Friends in particular deserve special gratitude for their keen interest in this project, namely, Tim Brown of Britain Yearly Meeting and Ed Dommen of Switzerland Yearly Meeting. Both have contributed very helpful comments and suggestions.
Hopefully this Guide will become an ‘icebreaker’, i.e., a Friendly companion to all the Friends and Attenders around Europe and beyond who wish to engage in the challenging and exciting adventure of translating in a Quaker context.

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