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Help for Friends Churches in Nepal

Further to the appeal below, we have heard from Pradip Lamichhane at the end of May that help is getting through, and that Friends are using the donations to build bamboo and tin huts to shelter from the monsoon, which is now expected imminently. Pradip says: “Through your effort more than 30 family get proper roof and some earthquake relief food. We would like to thank you very much and let God bless those who open their heart and pocket toward Nepali Friends.”

Rose Oliver, a Young Friend well known to Northumbria Area Meeting, Britain Yearly Meeting, and Europe and Middle East Young Friends (EMEYF) wrote in May:

Dear Friends, I have just returned from Nepal where I have been working for a few months as a volunteer teacher. On the day the earthquake struck I was helping at Children and Young Persons’ Meeting in Bhaktapur Friends Church in Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu. The church building remained standing, miraculously, but we watched as buildings fell all around us. Many members of the church have lost their homes and loved ones. Bhaktapur is one of the hardest hit areas of the capital, and many members of the church are without adequate food, shelter and clean water. Aftershocks are still happening and the monsoon is on its way.

I feel a great debt towards many of the people I met; both before and after the earthquake they showed me great generosity despite their poverty and I feel truly humbled by the experience. Friend Pradip Lamichhane not only helped me to escape from Bhaktapur on the day of the earthquake, he also insisted on risking his life to get my passport from his damaged home and take me to the airport. I owe him and his family everything. I felt great sadness and desperation upon leaving.

Friends there have requested our help and have asked us to donate whatever we feel able in order to begin rebuilding homes and provide emergency relief. Please follow this link to give money via Evangelical Friends Church. Select “Nepal” as the destination, and write in the text box: “A gift for Bhaktapur Friends Church & Kunuari and Seleghat in Ramechap (Eastern Nepal ), from etc. “

The money will then go directly to the members of Bhaktapur Friends Church and its daughter churches Kunuari and Seleghat in Ramechap (Eastern Nepal) so that they can begin the long road to recovery.

Please remember these people in your prayers. Thank you.

You may wish to donate to Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific which operate in Nepal, or, from Britain, to the Disasters Emergency Appeal

Contact name: Rose Oliver


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