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Friends in Manila say "thank you"

The Philippine Yearly Meeting is very grateful to all Quakers around the world who supported them during the tragedy. In response to this enormous and generous support, Friends have created a video as a gesture of their appreciation for the help they received.

In September 2009 Evangelical Quakers living in the Manila district of Pasig appealed for help after their church and homes were badly affected by the exceptional rain that has caused flooding in the Philippines. John Irving Ocol of Philippines Yearly Meeting wrote: “I want to share to you some pictures of great flash flood that has struck us. I’m going to post more pictures within this week because until today we do not have electricity. Please pray for us because members are in need of food, water, medicine, blanket, etc. In our village alone, there were 12 dead and thousands are homeless.”

The Asia West Pacific Section of FWCC collectied donations to bring relief to these stricken Friends.

An update to donors.doc from the stricken Friends was posted on 28th October 2009 to thank donors and others who have been supporting the relief effort.

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