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Eurosatory Vigil Veteran Yvonne Kressmann has died

Veteran protester at Eurosatory arms’ trade fair, Yvonne Kressmann, of France Yearly Meeting, has died at the beginning of September 2012. Yvonne maintained a passionate and faithful witness against the arms’ trade for many years, and was an inspiration to Friends around Europe, particularly young Friends.

Below is the the report of Young Friend Simon Mangels of German Yearly Meeting from Eurosatory 2012, which Yvonne was sadly too ill to attend:

Like two years ago, a group of of international Quakers and other organisations joined together in front of the armsfair „Eurosatory“ to witness against the arms trade. Clothed in white an with a lot of banners we greeted the visitors to the exhibition passing us dressed in black suits or military uniforms. From Germany we were 2 adults and 5 young people joining the vigil.

The reactions of the visitors were very different. Some were thankful for our witness. Others said that weapons alone can protect peace in the world.

After arriving on Saturday, we watched the football game Germany-Portugal at the Eiffel Tower. The Sunday we spent Paris and the sights to get well prepared for the vigil.

On the Monday, the opening day of Eurosatory, we stood at the entrance of the underground and greeted the visitors.

Tuesday we split up in two groups, one joining the vigil again and one climbing the Eiffel Tower. In the afternoon we left Paris to get back to school again on Wednesday.

See also a report from Salma Shah of Switzerland Yearly Meeting, who attended with Marguerite Jantzen (Bar Lev).

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