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Epistle from Europe and Middle East Young Friends' Spring Gathering 2010

Read, sing or listen the message from the Europe and Middle East Young Friends' Spring Gathering, which took place in Moyallon, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland, from 2nd to 9th April 2010.

To the tune of “Lord of the Dance”

Hug, Friends, wherever you may be

It’s time to see conflict differently

It’s not quite as simple as a cup of tea

But we choose to be a community.

We gathered on a Friday, and the weather it was grim
Not a sunny image but Moyallon let us in
Twenty joined the dance, to Northern Ireland we all went
And with wisdom from nine countries, seven days we spent.

Hug, Friends….

We opened our eyes and are shocked to have found
Two halves of Northern Ireland, in this conflict they are bound
In politics in Stormont; murals painted on the walls,
Physical divisions between Shankill and the Falls.

Hug, Friends….

We opened up our minds and our hearts to fill
Guided by our speakers and by Symon Hill.
Jusus’ inner strength taught us to act nonviolently
We can find this in ourselves through creativity.

Hug, Friends….

We knitted in the daytime and we sang in the night
We shared love and laughter and inner light
Some played football with a five-year old who gave huggy hugs
We had home made cookies and drank tea from muggy mugs

Hug, Friends….

Through the week we’ve considered time together and alone
To be spirtually fulfilling for wherever we may roam
From our time together there are questions we ask
But we hope we have found a Shalom that will last.

Hug, Friends….

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