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EMEYF All-Age Gathering, Bonn, Summer 2016

Summer 2016 will see the first all-age gathering of Quakers from Europe and the Middle East for
many years. The beautiful Haus Venusberg, near Bonn, Germany, will host up to 185 Friends to
worship, play, sing, talk, dance and make friends.

What was most important to you as a teenager? How do the changes of young adulthood shape who
we are? Does our faith change as we mature? How do we feel about death, and beyond? We will
explore these questions and more as we come together with Friends of all ages to grow together as a community that spans Quaker worship groups from Ireland to Palestine.

Over the last 30 years European and Middle Eastern Young Friends (EMEYF) has brought together
young adult Quakers from across the region for twice-yearly gatherings. Current and former
EMEYFers are keen to celebrate this anniversary, and also to connect with Friends of all ages who
may not have attended other EMEYF events. We hope to welcome participants from all areas of the
European and Middle Eastern Section, so are seeking funding for people who may otherwise find it
more difficult to attend.

The week-long gathering aims to bring together all generations in an exploration of ‘The
Adventures of Life’. Each day will draw its theme from a different stage of life, helping us to learn
from one another’s experiences, memories, hopes and expectations.

The programme for children and younger Friends will run alongside that for adults, with many all-
age sessions of play, worship and discussion. Volunteers for practical roles or to contribute to the
programme are welcome:

‘The Adventures of Life’ will take place at Haus Venusberg, near Bonn, Germany, from Saturday
30th July to Saturday 6th August 2016. The final deadline for registration is 30th April. We look
forward to sharing this experience with you.

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