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Cary Lecture 2015

Esther Köhring of German Yearly Meeting gave the Cary Lecture this year during the Yearly Meeting in Session in Bad Pyrmont.

Esther took as her title Of Roots and Wings: Being free to grow in the community of Friends

The lecture can be heard in German or read in German and in an abridged English translation from this link

Drawing from her experience of belonging both to Europe & Middle East Young Friends and to German Yearly Meeting, Esther covers much ground in her lecture, reflecting on themes of continuous spiritual development, which means that all of us are “unfinished” work in progress, learning to trust not just as individuals, but as a community, even in the face of difficulties and challenges, allowing darkness to be explored and contained within the group, finding the roots which continue to sustain us, holding each other accountable within the community.

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