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Building lives after torture

“The Galloping Stone” by Gillan Allnutt, an Attender at Durham Quaker Meeting, is a collection of writings and poems written and collected during a six months residency with a project in the North East of England helping victims of torture.

The slim volume is packed with arresting photographs and profoundly moving testimonies to life’s power, beauty and fragility which find expression in the most barren and desolate of circumstances. Through extracts from her own diaries, faithfully recorded snatches of conversations, her own writings and poems and those of some of the survivors, practitioners and volunteers at the project, Gillian helps us to glimpse the pain and isolation of people who have suffered unbelievable cruelty and violence, and find themselves in unfamiliar and often hostile surroundings. Yet healing and survival assert themselves with quiet determination, in small miracles of normality, companionship and hope.

Mostly in English, with some French entries (with English translations).

Copies can be obtained from New Writing North. All the cover price of £5 goes to The Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture

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