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Appeal for a mental health Project in Russia

Friends House Moscow
Appeal for a mental health project in Russia

Friends House Moscow is an initiative of Friends worldwide which seeks to encourage spiritual growth and the development of civil society based on mutual trust and community co-operation, in the countries of the former Soviet Union.

Mental health services in Russia are largely limited to medication and hospitalisation in traditional institutions. With support from the Retreat, the Quaker psychiatric hospital in York, a small number of psychiatrists and psychologists in Moscow have embarked on pioneering psychosocial interventions with patients who are diagnosed with psychoses.

£2,000 of funding is sought for a training event in Moscow. It will use British clinicians who are giving their time free of charge. In addition, preliminary work is being done with a view to develop a project to support carers in establishing community facilities for individuals with mental disorders, and this will require funding as well. The professions of nursing, social work and occupational therapy are as yet under-developed in the mental health field in Russia; the same goes for the legal framework.

Friends in the UK who would like to contribute to this work please send your cheque or charity voucher, payable to Friends House Moscow, to:
James Eddington
Westbourne Dr.
Lancaster LA1 5EE

Enquiries: 07969 736180.

From elsewhere in Europe funds can be transferred directly as follows:
IBAN GB52 CBPK 0892 9965 0368 99
Sort code: 08-92-99
Account: 65036899
Account Name: Friends House Moscow

Contact name: James Eddington


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