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Among Friends Issue 128

In Issue 128 Autumn 2013 of Among Friends, read about:

  • the epistles from the first international gathering of Experiment with Light at Woodbrooke, and from an open summer event run by Europe and Middle East Young Friends (EMEYF) in Congénies, France;
  • the display of the Quaker Tapestry in Ireland;
  • the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Quaker Service Norway;
  • a report of the main addresses at the Church and Peace Conference;
  • memories of Ivars Ābelis, a Friend from Latvia who sadly died suddenly in July;
  • a report of the Border Meeting in Kortenberg, Belgium, which considered Reflections on the Mystical Path with the help of Harvey Gillman;
  • a new book by Renato Lings, called Love Lost in Translation;
  • News from Woodbrooke and a calendar of future events.

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