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A Christmas Message

Christopher Hatton, of German Yearly Meeting, currently serving with the Christian Peacemakers Team in At-Tuwani in Palestine, writes:

Dear all,

Although I personally do not celebrate Christmas, because everyday is a holy day, I am still inspired and thankful Jesus came the first time.

He was born but 35 km away from At-Tuwani (but over 2 hours away via Palestinian public transport), he showed us what we could do, and through him we can liberate ourselves. As I walk in his footsteps, I feel a presence and sometimes when I listen carefully hear practical guidance, I can not be sure if this is Jesus, an angel or God, but I am walk not alone, nor in fear of this earthly world.

In this time of seasons greetings, and spreading of love and goodwill, I ask for help in trying to liberate myself from my own chains of oppression. I am an unwitting oppressor, often blind and deaf to my own actions. Please accept my apologies, I am trying to be compassionate, and a good listener.

I, as a white, heterosexual, university educated male with a British passport am right up there near the top of the privilege pyramid, but thanks to Jean Zaru, Clerk of Ramallah Monthly Meeting, and my partners in the South Hebron Hills, I have been truly humbled and feel honoured to be called here, empowering and helping tell their stories where they would not normally have a voice. Our partners here in the various conservative Muslim Communities may not fully understand why modern “Christians” celebrate Christmas the way they do, but they have a better understanding of being channels of goodwill, of hospitality, of hope, of faith, of compassion as they non-violently struggle to liberate themselves from the shackles of their oppression everyday of the year. This gives me hope!

I send you their greetings, and I send you my hopes one stone at a time.

For those of you interested, here is my blog based on my time with the Christian Peacemaker Teams.

Blessings and happy new year and looking forward to seeing many of you in Switzerland.


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